Tae Kwon-Do Benefits

There is a , not unreasonable, assumption that learning the martial arts means equipping oneself with means of attack or defence when faced with an aggressor.

It is true that having mastered a martial art like Tae Kwon-do the student will be better prepared to face an opponent with greater confidence.

But to achieve this the student must develop a number of skills including

  • Flexibity
  • Coordination
  • Spatial awareness
  • Self awareness
  • Self control

The perfect time would to develop these crafts would seem to be at childhood.

But this is not the only time – in fact self control and awareness are better taught to the more mature intellect.

As such this art can be taught and be of benefit to a student of any age – from cradle (or at least once the child can understand instruction) to the grave.

I am fast approaching my 7th decade and I am still learning every time I train or teach